The Love-Alive Charity Inc.

The Love-Alive Charity Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created to improve the quality of life for the homeless, displaced families, and disadvantage communities through humanitarian efforts. The Love-Alive Charity Inc. or also known as TLC Inc. mission, purpose and duty is to concentrate activities on individuals, communities, neighborhoods and families that are impoverished, low-income and in need on a local level, mainly in Jacksonville, Florida. We aim to "Positively Influence Many People."


The Love-Alive Charity Inc. was formed based on a vision of Professional Sports Entertainer, Commentator, Actor and Motivational Speaker Elijah Burke, a native to Jacksonville, FL who grew up in neighborhoods in which practically every corner was residence to a homeless person. On his way to school he would have to walk around homeless individuals sleeping on storefronts who were often begging for food, he understood their pain then made a promise to himself to some day make a difference.

TLC was founded in 2012 and held its first Love-Drive (the act of carrying out its mission) in January of 2013 in Downtown Jacksonville organized by founder Elijah Burke and assisted by community volunteers. Since 2013, The Love-Alive Charity Inc. has been involved in a core activity of Love-Drives that currently and annually take place in Jacksonville, Florida. The Love-Drives are organized to provide hot meals, cold beverages, non-perishable food items and to distribute care kits and a variety of day to night essentials to underprivileged individuals including children. Our events are exclusively and solely funded by the generous donations received through the organization.


As of the year 2014, a study which focused on the 100 largest metropolitan areas in the United States ranked Jacksonville (FL) at number 32 with individuals living below poverty level, over 12% of residents are among the poor population, nearly 26% are children in the city, and the state of Florida being home to 25% of homeless families in the nation.

At The Love-Alive Charity Inc. it is our duty to provide many of the most important yet essential human rights to underprivileged people by lending a helping hand. We have the power to help fight these sort of statistics and it is our ultimate goal to help improve the quality of life for the homeless, displaced families and disadvantaged communities through humanitarian efforts.


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