We would like to extend a special Thank-You to the donors of 2016! Listed below are various contributors that have donated to the organization.

Thank you for your continuous and unwavering support of The Love-Alive Charity, Inc.

It is because of YOU we are able to keep the purpose, mission, and duty of the organization alive!

Nehemiah and Kimberly Jefferson
Tina Potenti
Jermaine Castro
Jakari Scott
Yusuf Rasheed
Joanne Clifone
Jason Sharkey
Lindsay Surynt
Enrique Escarra Jr.
Robert Norton
Sharon Brown
Atallah Divine
Tanea "Rebel" Brooks
JB Cool and Fighting Evolution Wrestling
Greater New Hope Community Church
Latoya Rogers
Graham Williams
Theresa LaPlaca
Russell Harvin
Robert Buchalter
Taylor O'Donnell
Andre Wilson
Michael Hurst
Sean Ross Sapp
Deborah AltStatt
Reginald Snowden
Dan Peasnell
Jess Smith
F.E.W event
Annetta Lewis
Daryl Davis
Anthony Champion Coldwell
Cheryl Bess
William A. Jamison
Garry Munro
Jani Ja-ha
Joan Weston
Nykki Sheppard
Michelle Ann Schuetrumpf
Robert King
Lance Sheppard
8th Starr Entertainment
Da Prince Wyte Bwoi
Paul Riot Rials
Mathew Phillips
Aaron Trigg
Benjamin Leff
Allen Stafford
Krista Burley
Tanner Kelly
Swift James
Donald Ritter
Jeff Hardy
Matt Hardy
Rayray Hodrien
Madison Rayne
Eric Tomasello
Angel Baez
Rayan Jevec
Robert Hewett
Gregory Shane Helms
Braxton Sutter
Tom North
Arthur Curran
Chuck Walls
Amanda Pearce
Al Snow
George Moshonas
Michael Miller
Antonio Tondreau
Jarvis Frazier
"Audio" George
Joe Connelly
Kenny Smith
S. Staria
John Kilinger
Jessica Douglass
James Partridge
Members of Covered Ministries Inc.
Devante Sanchez
George Sanchez
Glaister Ormsby
Joseph Park
Mark Andrews
Aaron Hyden
Remington King
The Corey A. Hill Memorial Foundation
Lisa Carlisle
Amy Ciccolini
Jeanne Goyette
Anthony L. Adams
Gena Filion
Atallah Divine
Jessica Douglass
Hayden Price
Remington King
Rich Ealy
Justin Watry
Isaac Morgan

Thank you once again!

*Updated: December 6, 2016*